Asbestos Register

Asbestos register now required by law

Any Australian property built prior to 1980 has an increased chance that some form of asbestos material has been used in its construction.  This can be a major concern for any investment property owner, particularly when faced with the potential health risks, and if necessary, the cost of asbestos removal.

If left undamaged asbestos does not usually  pose a health risk; however, when asbestos has been disturbed or damaged, the fibres within it become a health concern to anyone exposed.

Due to the serious health risks associated with asbestos, it is now law in most states and territories across Australia that every commercial building constructed prior to 31st of December 2003 has an asbestos register and an asbestos management plan.

It is the responsibility of the person with control or management of the property to ensure that this register and management plan is current.

An asbestos register lists all identified and assumed asbestos within a building.  The asbestos management plan outlines the presence of asbestos as well as the safe work procedures, control measures and emergency procedures for a building containing any identified asbestos.  This management plan must be kept up-to-date and reviewed at least once every five (5) years.