Difference between Strata Title and Community Title

What’s the difference between strata and community title?

Strata Title:

Town houses, units and some types of commercial property generally fall under these categories.

Each unit and common property comes from one large parcel incorporating property and land.

Each unit or allotment is given its own title as well as the common property (shared between all members of the group).

The difference is in the way in which the land boundaries are defined.

A Strata Title unit’s boundaries are defined by reference to parts of the building, not by the land. There must be an area of common property, for which everyone is responsible.

Community Title:

Similar to that of a Strata Title holding, Community Titles are defined by lot boundaries and surveyed measurements unlimited in height and depth, as well as reference to parts of the building.

Community Title Corporations are also appointed and comprise registered owners of the lots in the community scheme.

The Corporation is responsible for the administration of the group’s by-laws and for maintaining the common property and any fixtures on the property.

Apartment complexes generally fall into this category.